please suggest text for new petition about software patents

FFII patent poison petition team pet at
Mon Sep 15 22:02:36 CEST 2008

Hello Comrades!

As some of you probably know, Iván and me are starting a new petition
targeted at national parliaments of 38 EPC contracting states to
petition them to introduce changes in patent law which would put an end
to EPO practice of granting patents for everything under the Sun that
someone can make money of (or lose).

I have prepared a web-application in Python Django where you can insert
your propositions to the text of the petition, plese find it here:

Please insert your proposed text's by clicking "insert text here".
Looking forward to your input. This is just a VERY-preliminary "alpha"
phase of the text, so feel free to paste whatever your unlimited
imagination tells you, and we will edit it later.


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