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EuroParliament to exclude Free Software with patents and FRAND

Brussels, 17 Feb 2012 -- The European Parliament Consumer Committee is on
the verge to reform the standardisation process in Europe. The reform
recognises the payment of royalties (FRAND) over software specifications
which discriminate Free Software implementations.

Benjamin Henrion, president of the association complains: "The payment of
royalties makes it impossible to distribute free software on the web. It
creates an enormous barrier of entry for small companies and independent
developers. Authors of the software VideoLAN have been previously
threatened by patent holders because they implemented an ETSI standard for
a video decoder."

The reform recognises digital specifications which are licensed under
"fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms and conditions" (FRAND).

Henrion continues: "Even consortia like ECMA refuse to define what the
RAND term means, because it simply does not mean anything. It is a shame
that lawmakers use a term that has no clear definition."


Free Software Foundation list of words to avoid:

However, Ecma does not define the term "Reasonable And Non Discriminatory”

VideoLAN LibDCA patent threats:

European Standardisation 2011/0150(COD)

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