[ffii] FFII a force for the future, says new president

PILCH Hartmut phm at a2e.de
Tue Nov 29 23:17:31 CET 2005

(Brussels, Belgium) The FFII General Assembly today unanimously elected a new
president, Pieter Hintjens, to lead the organisation into 2006, backed by a
strengthened board.

Following their summer success in defeating the directive on software patents,
and the rapid growth of the FFII into 19 countries, the current president and
board proposed Pieter Hintjens to lead the FFII into a new phase of growth and
activity.  The FFII General Assembly unanimously approved Pieter Hintjens's
nomination along with a strengthened board that includes FFII founder and
former president Hartmut Pilch.

Pieter Hintjens is the 43-year old founder and MD of iMatix Corporation, a
Belgian software firm.  He has been active in the debate against software
patents, explaining to the European Patent Office and the European Parliament
why software and business process patents are so deadly for small innovative
firms that are the life-blood of Europe's innovation.  He brings to the FFII
his considerable experience both in the business domain and the technical

"The FFII is a force for the future", said Pieter Hintjens, "and I am proud to
be able to represent this organisation.  The goal of my presidency will be to
lay the foundations for managing our rapid growth, for turning ourselves into
a highly professional global organisation, and for delivering results to the
people and industries that depend on us".

Hartmut Pilch, who has lead the FFII since it was founded six years  
ago, comments:

  "This is a qualitative leap forward for FFII.  I knew Pieter as a
  charismatic speaker on conferences which we organised in the European
  Parliament.  When Pieter explained his vision to me and offered to spend a
  significant amount of time during the next year to make this vision happen,
  I immediately found the offer irresistible.  Likewise, Pieter immediately
  captured the hearts of today's General Assembly.  There is now a mood of
  confidence that we will be able to become strong enough to introduce
  needed legislation rather than just fight defensive battles.  Needless
  to say, I will give Pieter all support I can."  
Jonas Maebe, who continues to be member of the board of FFII, adds:

  "By playing an instrumental role in the rejection of the European software
  patents directive, the FFII showed that a large group of loosely organised
  people who actually believe in their cause is much more powerful than the
  traditional lobby. With our tremendous expansion of the past few years, it
  became however more and more apparent that were outgrowing our existing
  structures. I think Pieter is exactly the kind of person we need at this
  time, given his skills in organising, coordinating and motivating people.

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