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Subject: [Patents] patent propaganda in Yahoo

Dear Mr. Newman,


        Yahoo: EU Improves Software Patent, But Outlaws Amazon One Click</a>

you report deceptive statements from various patent lawyers to create
a misleading general impression of the situation.

A more truthful heading would have been

        Yahoo: EU to blur Patentability Standard, legalise Amazon One Click

There can be no doubt that One-Click, according to the proposed new
rules, is a "computer-implemented invention".   If it is not granted a
patent, then for the same reasons as in the US: non-novelty,

Your interview partners know this.

Even the European Commission admits it (somewhat misunderstandably) in
an FAQ.

Couldn't you strive for some more balanced journalism, at least ask
also the critics what they think?

You find more details about the decision via


under "Latest News".

There is also a statement from a senior SAP developper which sounds
quite different from what Mr. Hagedorn (SAP patent attorney) told you.

I am cc-ing to a mailing list whose archive you find at


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be able to inform your readers more adequately in the future.

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