[ffii] McCarthy wins in JURI

Hartmut Pilch phm at a2e.de
Tue Jun 17 13:04:55 CEST 2003

The JURI vote was delayed by 2 hours.  Our little conference was thereby
made impossible.  Around 13.00 the voting was pushed through in 20
minutes, and McCarthy won a majority on all points, which means

 - introduction of program claims
 - refusal of interoperability privilege (ITRE 15)
 - refusal of definition of "technical"
 - what is new needn't be technical and what is technical needn't be new
 - no need for a technical solution, only problem must be technical
 - additional rationales for patentability (e.g. need to make money
   from licensing in view of low-cost economies)


McCarthy was subsequently surrounded by congratulating journalists and
explained them that she only wanted to harmonise the status quo, wasn't
legalising software patents, was against US-style patenting of algorithms
and business methods, would not hurt opensource software etc.  Some of
these journalists also had a chance to meet Erik and Alex who watched the

A collection of statements and documentation about the JURI vote is found


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