[ffii] McCarthy's first public answer

Hartmut Pilch phm at a2e.de
Sat Jun 14 13:21:27 CEST 2003

Corrigenda, addenda:

> After the tuesday session, a few MEPs and journalists may be present.
> We also have a room at 11.00 for an analysis of what happened.  More
> details are appearing at
>         http://swpat.ffii.org/events/2003/europarl/17/



but still not up to date.  The latest news was that people can get in at
09.00 on 17th and that a few MEPs and assistants are with us.

> We have t-shirts and a flyer in 3 languages, which presents our case
> in a nutshell:
>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.en.pdf
>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.en.tex
>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.de.pdf
>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.de.tex
>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.pt.pdf
>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.pt.tex
> More translations would be useful.

There is now a dutch version (thanks to Simon Brouwer)

>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.nl.pdf
>         http://www.ffii.org/proj/kunst/swpat/pamflet/europarl03.nl.tex

and Odile Benassy is working on French.

Moreover the en, de, pt versions have undergone updates.

We are still looking for a better graphic.  It should be a graphic that
symbolically illustrates the problem of software patents, e.g. minefield,
puzzle with missing pieces, highway with road toll booths, rusty lock on a
math equation, I don't know what.  Preferably pointing to unwanted
constellations rather than to bad politicians.

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