[ffii] JPEG et al patented in US and EU

PILCH Hartmut phm at a2e.de
Fri Jul 19 22:11:46 CEST 2002

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Interestingly the patent claim as granted by the EPO in 1994 covers a very
basic method of coding: pure thought, even without any reference to
"physical entry points" aka "technical effects".  The latter would be easy
to add as a verbal clothing and wouldn't make a difference in practise
anyway, but it is interesting to see how bold the EPO was already in 1994.
Pure math, pure thought etc are patentable in Europe, as far as EPO
practise and the CEC/BSA proposal are concerned, and this time it seems
that there is very little that can be done about this newly found
"Rembrandt in the Attic" from 1987.  The patentee seems determined to
exploit the patent in the maximal way, and there is no longer any graphic
format in the World Wide Web that can be used without legal risks and/or
unfair financial burdens.

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