[Cjk] Problem with CJKchar

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Fri Nov 23 22:25:53 CET 2007

> What I wanted to say was, that I would like to keep the encoding of
> the source files in ASCII (with some latin1),

With other words: you want to use latin-1 encoding for your file, and
single characters should be specified with a given encoding and
character codes, right?

> and therefore only to introduce the Japanese characters during the
> latex compilation, using the \CJKchar command.

Then I suggest to define a new command which switches the encoding
temporarily, as shown in the attached example.  Note that
`\begin{CJK}' and `\end{CJK}' (as with all environment commands) is
the same as `\CJK' and `\endCJK', respectively.

However, the `right' approach today is to use UTF-8 encoding.  Have a
look at the CJKutf8.tex example file how this can be done (and please
read the documentation :-).









\section{Deutsch und \Jap{"46}{"7C}\Jap{"4B}{"5C}\Jap{"38}{"6C}
         in einem Dokument}

Grüezi miteinand'!



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