[Cjk] CJK installation

Danai SAE-HAN ( 韓達耐 ) danai.sae-han at edpnet.be
Tue Oct 31 16:53:54 CET 2006

From: Pierre Albarède <pa.news at free.fr>

> >> jfs56.tar.gz
> >
> > They do indeed contain HBF fonts, which are ugly bitmap fonts.
> > I would suggest you use the Arphic fonts with Fontforge or ttf2tfm.
> Finally, I have installed cyberbit fonts, according to
> http://www.ece.uci.edu/~chou/unicode-tex.html
> This works with pdftex not tex.  I get no correct dvi but for the 
> moment I need no more.

You have installed the *.enc files, which is a cause for many
problems.  If you've got the time to spare, I would advise you to use
Fontforge to generate the fonts: you will get nice Type1 fonts
embedded in your PDF or PS output, and DVI will show the Chinese
characters instantly without the need to generate any PK fonts.

Remove the *.enc files, update the TEXMF tree and see if you've got
the same problems.  If you do, then please provide us with some more

And don't mix with the UCS package.  The author didn't read the CJK
mailing archives carefully enough.  Tsk tsk.

> > Another way would be to install TeXlive, which comes with the Arphic
> > fonts already.
> I will install TeXlive rather than tetex on my new computer which is 
> coming soon.

teTeX isn't maintained by Thomas Esser anymore, so a switch is





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