[Cjk] CJK installation

Pierre Albarede pa.news at free.fr
Mon Oct 30 09:53:48 CET 2006


Le 29 oct. 06, ¨¤ 00:56, Danai SAE-HAN (ínß_ÄÍ) a ¨¦crit :

>> jfs56.tar.gz
> They do indeed contain HBF fonts, which are ugly bitmap fonts.
> I would suggest you use the Arphic fonts with Fontforge or ttf2tfm.

Finally, I have installed cyberbit fonts, according to

This works with pdftex not tex.  I get no correct dvi but for the 
moment I need no more.

> Another way would be to install TeXlive, which comes with the Arphic
> fonts already.

I will install TeXlive rather than tetex on my new computer which is 
coming soon.

Thanks for the advice.

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