[Cjk] other strange bibtex related errors (Big 5)

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Fri Jun 9 23:44:39 CEST 2006

Dear CJK-Friends, Dear Mr Lemberg!
Thanks a lot so far for your support for my masterthesis. I really,
really appreciate it. My ENT_STR_SIZE Problem is solved since miktex
2.5-beta-9, which has now a bibtex.exe with sufficient ENT_STR_SIZE, but
unfortunately there are another strange bibtex-related Problems with one

1. After calling latex and bibtex without any errors, the second
latex-call produces the following error, which seems to come from the
.bbl file:

! Improper alphabetic constant.
<to be read again>
l.26   Xukun 王續琨}}{}{}{}{}} {}
                                  \bibAnnoteFile {LiuYongzhen:2002}

What's wrong?

2. After entering batchmode of miktex the file finishes compiling. But
when I look at the result (dvi or pdf, it doesn't matter), the
third-last Chinese character of the title 恒 (heng) is not displayed.
There's just a empty gap where it should be.

I've attached a minimal example and the corresponding pdf-file which
shows the gap.
Can somebody help me solving these problems on my master-thesis? I am
using the latest MikTeX-Version of CJK on a Western Windows XP together
with MikTeX (2.5 beta 9) and Winedt. I am using Big5 encoding together
with with Bg5text-environments.

Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

Best wishes
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  author = {Liu Yongzhen 劉永振},
  title = {"`Human and Nature: an Eternal Theme of Philosophy of Technology"'.
  Ren yu ziran: jishu zhexue de yongheng zhuti. 人與自然:技術哲學的永恒主題},
  booktitle = {"`Projekte -- Technik -- Philosophie. Jahrbuch zur chinesischen Technikphilosphie 2002"'.
  Gongcheng -- jishu -- zhexue. 2002 nian juan Zhongguo jishu zhexue yanjiu nianjian 工\CJKchar{181}{123} -- 技術 -- 哲學. 2002 年卷中國技術哲學研究年鑒. Economics of the Environment. Selected Readings},
  year = {2002},
  editor = {{Liu Zeyuan 劉則淵} AND {Wang Xukun 王續琨}},
  pages = {29-45},
  address = {Dalian},
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