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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
Acta-discuss Public ACTA discussion list
Adacta Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
Amend-parl Discussions about amendments
Andes Lista de la FFII para los pa�ses andinos
APR Allgemeines Pers�nlichkeitsrecht (APR)
At-news FFII sterreich Nachrichten (moderiert)
At-parl Liste sterreich -
Bawue-parl Gesprchskreis Baden-Wrttemberg
Bayern-parl Gesprchskreis Bayern
Be-parl FFII België
Be-pers Persberichten van FFII Belgi�
Berlin-parl Diskussionsliste der FFII Regionalgruppe Berlin-Brandenburg
Bilski Bilski and software patents at the Supreme Court
Biopatents Patenting of life forms
Board-minutes Board minutes
bxl Main FFII discussion list
Cafe FFII member cafe
Calendar Calendar
Ceboard Cryptographically secured extended board list
Cis Russian-language FFII list
Cn-parl China Discussions
Consilium-parl What is going on at the Council?
Controlling Financial and controlling issues FFII
Copyright FFII copyright workgroup
Crypto [no description available]
Cz-parl [no description available]
De-parl Diskussionsliste DE
De-selcri [no description available]
Devel [no description available]
Dk-parl Danish Information Infrastructure
Eboard Extended board list
ee-parl Estonia
Es-news [no description available]
Es-parl Coordinaci�n y debate anti-patentes en Espa�a
Eupaco-speakers [no description available]
eupat Better European Patent System
Eurolinux Eurolinux Alliance
europarl-parl [no description available]
FashionTec Fashion and Technology
Faxes This private list receives faxes sent to +49 2561 959-583909
FFII-latin FFII Amrica Latina (e Iberia)
Fi-parl [no description available]
Financ-parl FFII Financial Affairs
Floss Free/Libre Open Source Software
Fr-news [no description available]
Fr-parl Brevets logiciels en France
Gauss-parl Wiki interface to EPO software patents, statistics, further info
Hessen-parl Gesprchskreis Hessen
Hu-parl Hungary
Ie-parl Ireland
In-parl India
Ipred2 Criminal enforcement of intellectual property rights
It-parl [no description available]
Koeln-parl Gesprächskreis Köln
logsys-de Sprache als systemhaftes Gemeingut -- SPRACHWELT-MEINUNGEN
lt-parl Lithuania
Lu-parl [no description available]
lv-parl Latvia
Media-parl FFII Media Work
Mepdb-parl mepdb Project Discussion
Meshcon-speakers [no description available]
Mlhtapp-parl Sources hypertexte multilingues
Muenchen-parl Regionaler Diskussionen des FFII in M�nchen, hier werden z.B. auch Treffen organisiert
Netreg Network Regulation
neues FFII-Nachrichtenverteiler
News FFII News
Newsletter FFII Newsletter
Nl-parl Nederland zegt NEE tegen softwarepatenten!!
Nlp-parl Mailing list for discussing
Noooxml-forum NO Office OpenXML standard at ISO
Noooxml-latin Lista contra OOXML en ISO para Iberoam�rica
NoOOXML-ru NoOOXML list for CIS countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine)
Nsp-parl Maintenance WG
Nz-help New Zealand legal changes
Nz-parl New Zealand Parliamentary watch list
Offen Offenes Forum f�r eine freie informationelle Infrastruktur
Oneclick Amazon One-click patent at the EPO
Ooxml-es Estudio de la estandarizacin ISO de MS-OOXML
Openstandards Open Standards in general at FFII
Orga Next Generation Organisation Building
Ots-speakers [no description available]
Outreach-bcc [no description available]
Patdb-parl Patent Database Project
Pharma Pharmapatents
pl-news pl project news
pl-parl [no description available]
Polis-parl System Administration and Workflows of FFII
Press FFII press release workgroup
Privacy Data Protection and Privacy Regulation
Prmat-parl Printed Matter, PR Materials
Pt-parl [no description available]
Sachsen-parl Gesprächskreis Sachsen
Se-members medlemslista
Se-parl Svenska FFII-listan
Security Mailing list for security related issues
Sektor-de-parl Firmen in Deutschland
sektor-parl Structure and Interests of the Software Sector
Selbapselfu Theorie und Praxis f�r ein gemeinsames Verst�ndnis von Postdiskordianismus
Si-parl Slovenian Information Infrastructure
Sk-parl Slovakia
Softwarepatents Discussion list about Software Patenting
Spdoc-de [no description available]
SPRACHWELT-NACHRICHTEN Nachrichten zur Sprachpflege
Strasbourg-help [no description available]
Strasbourg-parl [no description available]
Stuttgart-parl Gesprächskreis Stuttgart
Support [no description available]
Swpat Deutsche Software-Patent Diskussionsliste
Termine Termine
Tio-help TIO (total information ownership) workgroup helpdesk
Tio-parl TIO (total information ownership) workgroup discussions
Tr-parl [no description available]
Transparency Transparency of public institutions and decision making
Uk-parl [no description available]
Us-parl Software Patents in the USA
Volunteers [no description available]

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